What people are saying about Misa and Misa’s offerings—-

” Dear Misa,

……I felt so honored to be part of your Level 1 Qigong class; it was a birthday well spent with this healing and calming energy you were radiating and these important lessons of meditation and movement you were teaching. At the end of the class each participant seemed to be deeply relaxed and at peace.

I liked how the lessons were broken up into a rhythm of talking about bullet points, then videos and also meditations and movement. For just one day our group learned so much and it felt like we could all start practicing Qigong the very next day.

I especially enjoyed to hear your experience with Qigong and how you incorporate it into your daily life. I really appreciated your patience with all the questions you were asked, while still staying ‘on schedule’ with your presentation…….”

“Like I said, I really liked your energy, you radiate this love for Qigong and people in general, it was a very rejuvenating day.

I was also very excited to meet with others who are interested in Qigong and enjoyed being able to chat with some of them during lunch.”

————-Andrea M. in Brookfield WI. mentioned about the Level 1 for Health Class.


“——-(Right after the Level 2 for Healing class) I have become certified as a Practice
Group Leader. I felt moved in my Spirit to do this because of your energy and love
radiation at our Level Two. Now I will have plenty of time to absorb Level Two before
you offer Level Three. Second, a friend at the Y complained of an ear ache. I invited her
to attend our practice group. She did and I asked her if she would like me to do Qigong
healing that l just learned. I asked the group to simply send her love as I began to open
Small Universe. The next day she told me her ear popped and fluid began running out
and her pain was gone.
Deepest gratitude. Jack”
“Last evening I became quite frustrated with myself.  I was putting together my new
notebook dedicated to all my SFQ training handouts and so forth when I realized I
couldn’t find my Level Two handouts.  I searched and searched to no avail.  It eventually
occurred to me that a couple of days earlier my wife and I had cleaned out a lot of
old paperwork.  I thought my handouts probably had gotten mixed in with what we were
throwing away.  I kept looking though because I vaguely remembered putting them in a
safe place until I was ready to put my notebook together.  I looked and looked and got
more and more frustrated with myself. Convinced my Level Two handouts were gone
forever I sent Misa a message wondering if she could email me the class handouts as she
was my trainer for Level Two.  She could not as that would violate copyright policy.
Today I received a message form Misa suggesting I ask the Universe for help.  I did and I
told the Universe I was now at peace with it whether I found them or not.  Within an
hour of asking the Universe for help I felt a strong urge to look one more time on a shelf I
had thoroughly investigated several times last evening.  I looked carefully and noticed a
blue folder that was hardly visible between two large books.  It was my handouts!!!
Deep gratitude to Misa’s loving encouragement and insight.  Deep gratitude to the
Universe for lovingly helping me. From now on I will call upon the Universe long before
I become frustrated thanks to the wonderful guidance of Misa Tsuyoshi.  I will also be
quick to offer the same encouragement to the members of any practice group I may
facilitate in the future.
Deepest gratitude,
Jack Swank “


————–Jack Swank sent two messages after the Spring Forest Qigong Level 2 for Healing Class


Spring Forest Qigong Private Healing Session