People have loved attending many meditation events Misa has facilitated.

“Gratitude Meditation” “Love energy Meditation” “Forgiveness Meditation” “Healing Meditation” “Meditation for Peacefulness”, to name a few.

She offers sitting meditation or Moving Meditation

and guides you through visualizations.

She facilitates you to use the power of your own mind.

Her meditations are not prepared ahead of time nor scripted.

Each meditation is created on site, at that moment.

She intuitively feels the needs of the participant(s) and

the words flow out from her heart.

Each meditation is a story made for you.

Relaxation, healing, encouragement, finding inner wisdom and guidance……

You will find strength, peace, joy, happiness, calmness, gratitude,

unconditional love, healing, light, and forgiveness within.

If you are interested in listening a sample, click here.

Come and try upcoming events or request your own.

Private meditation session available.

Please contact Misa.