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If you are interested in attending events, sessions or have questions about what are available now, please email to:


April and beyond—due to family emergency, Covid situation including the venue closure, all in-person sessions / monthly classes are cancelled or pending.      

Virtual private Healing sessions and Meditation sessions avaialable upon request–please email :

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2021 virtual group sessions

Qoigong for


Appointment upon request and agreement on scheduling.

Payment via PayPal required to secure the date/time.

Facetime(i phone users) , Zoom(you need to register) or Skype (you need your Skype account–

Limited availability.

For more information please email:

Private Qigong healing session- Misa can help you to heal not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually.

     She will:

  • Detect and remove energy blockages without touching. 
  • Work on the root cause of the symptom as well as energy blockages which might not have taken physical forms (symptoms).
  • Give you coaching/recommendations on what you can do in your daily life. Short sessions may not have this option. 

        Her goal is to help you to be your own healing facilitator.                                     

        For more information click here   

Private Meditation session- You will be guided through meditations created for you.

     Benefits can be:

  • Relaxation
  • Stress/pain reduction
  • Self Healing
  • Finding inner strength and guidance
  • Releasing emotions that are not helping you
  • Feeling joy, happiness, unconditional love, gratitude, peacefulness, and groundedness
  • Aligning yourself with the law of the Universe

       For more information click here

Virtual offerings 

Spring Forest Qigong Healing Meditation for better sleep-

9:00-9:30 pm Central Time on Tuesdays

Experience the power of Energy Healing and your mind in guided meditation sessions, which works regardless of physical distance. We are part of the Universe and connected. I am trained and certified to do distance healing.

Each guided meditationsession includes:

  1. Stimulating energy points
  2. Simple and gentle hand movements

Pre-registration / minimum of five people required to run each session. 

Spring Forest Qigong formal online classes-

Information will be posted when they are available. 

How to get started — prepare yourself for Virtual sessions

  • Zoom is Free for you to register and use.  
  • FaceTime is a Free App for i-phone users.
  • I can use Skype for private sessions if FaceTime is not available to you.          You will need your Skype account.

You will be responsible for:

  • Having adequate network environment and devices
  • Following the instruction which will provide the link to register/attend
  • Being ready for the online session(s) ahead of time.  

Note: I won’t be able to refund due to technology issues on your side at the time of the session unless that is agreeable/reasonable or the problem is on my side.

Please know I can not be your tech support and won’t be able to answer questions regarding tech issues.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

With love and gratitude, Misa