Liability Waiver

This Liability Waiver is for classes including but not limited to Zoom/FaceBook/Face Time/Skype and or any online meeting tools as well as in-person sessions.

By signing up for a class(es), every participant fully agrees to the following:

“I desire to participate voluntarily in the session(s) taught by Misa, Simple Wellness Facilitator. I agree to assume the risk of participating in the session(s) online or in-person plus practicing what I learn from Misa by myself.   I, my family, my legal representatives, or anyone related to me hold harmless Misa, Simple Wellness Facilitator, anyone related to her and her family, facility, event organizer, or anyone involved from all claims, suits, losses or related causes actions or damages, including but not limited to, such claims that may result from my injury or death, accidental or otherwise, during or arising in any way from the program offered/taught by Misa, Simple Wellness Facilitator.

In signing up any and every class, I affirm that I have read this Liability Waiver and agree to the terms described above.”