Guided Meditation recordings you can purchase–for purchaser’s personal use only.

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Here are the meditation recordings which I aim to send healing/positive messages. They have been very well received by my students and clients. I hope you can find something you enjoy and benefit.

To keep the price low, I made this as simple as it could be. This page does not have the download function as a result.

How this works: After your payment, you will receive the recording(MP3) via email. Please make sure you have the access to the email address that is used for the PayPal account.

Other purchase option: Send a message through contact form. Let SimpleWellnessFacilitator know which meditation you would like to purchase. You will receive a PayPal invoice. Upon payment, you will receive the recording(MP3).

Empowering Meditation (12 min.)

Feeling stretched? This meditation is filled with positive and loving messages to empower yourself. Feel loved, guided and protected. Copyright Simple Wellness Facilitator 2022


Forgiveness Meditation (10 min. )

This meditation helps you to bring your focus to the present, to free yourself from the past experiences and emotions which brought sadness, resentment and burdens. Feel that forgiveness brings more room for freedom to live your life you are destined to live. Copyright Simple Wellness Facilitator 2022


Coming soon. Reserve your copy. Grounded-ness and peacefulness Meditation

Would you like to feel grounded and feel less anxious? This meditation will help you to recognize your connection with the grounding energy and that you have all the support and guidance for growth.


the meditation recordings are copyrighted, and for your personal use only. Sharing or redistributing is prohibited.
Your understanding and honoring the copyrighted material is greatly appreciated.