Thoughts inspired by the Candle Light Meditation Dec.7th 2019


Each of us has a candle light in our heart.

Tiny but bright.

In the darkest times, it guides us.

Remember, the light is always shining.

Feel the warmth. 


Where does that light come from?

From within. It’s in your heart. 


What keeps the light shining?

Look up the sky and know the sun is sending the beams of light into your heart. 

The Universal / Divine / Your God’s energy / Ancestors / Your loved ones sending unconditional love and support. 


What makes the light unique and brighter?

All the experiences each of us go through.

Sadness, Fear, Anger, Anxiety, Shame, Pain, Doubt, Betrayal, Illness and all those things that are turned into the “candle wax” which fuels the light. 

Those are the ones that make us practice and bring Contentment, Gratitude, Joy, Happiness, Kindness and Forgiveness. 


We all go through the darkness so that we can appreciate the fact that the morning comes no matter what.


To recognize it or not is each person’s choice.

I choose to turn all the experiences into the powerful fuel that keeps my light bright. 

So I can share. 


I am grateful for the events I used to see as misfortune. 

They were the gifts to be who I truly am. 





Watch the video of the first basic idea of what you can do with Qigong.

Do you meditate?


Do you meditate for mindfulness? Stress reduction?

Or just to calm yourself.

Have you tried a healing meditation?

You can use the power of your mind:

Send a clear & simple message in your meditation.

Such as: “my headache is gone”.  Repeat, repeat, repeat the same message.

Until your body and mind are full of that message.

And SMILE. Know the headache is gone.

That is it.

I will write about adding a simple movement and making it into a Moving Meditation.