Spring Forest Qigong®

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“You are a Universe, Large and small.

What happens outdside on a large scale is

the same as what happens inside

on a smaller scale.

The life inside and out side of you is ONE”

“The Best way to put your love into action

is through forgiveness”

“Gratitude is the key that unlocks

the doorway to happiness”

“Our bodies speak to us

through Pain & Illness”

“You were born a healer”

“A healer in every home,

the world without pain and suffering”

Chunyi Lin, the founder of Spring forest qigong®

What can you do with Qigong?

What is Spring Forest Qigong® (SFQ)

SFQ is a simple and highly effective qigong system that has been optimized for humans today, not humans living thousands of years ago. With SFQ, you can spend less time and achieve more.

Qigong is an ancient healing practice from China. The Chinese call the energy in a person’s body “qi.” “Gong” means “the flow of” or “the practice of.” Thus, qigong is the practice of energy.

For thousands of years, the practice of qigong was a closely-guarded secret revealed only to a chosen few. Even today, traditional qigong techniques can require years of rigid, disciplined practice to develop proficiency. Many qigong masters also do not explain why or how qigong works.

Master Chunyi Lin, the founder of SFQ, has studied the human body for over 40 years. Combining his expert knowledge of biology, qigong, philosophy, and science, he has broken down the essence of qigong into a few key movements that contribute to stimulating energy flow. These movements are easy to learn and easy to do. He demystified and simplified qigong so it can be practiced and understood by anyone. He strongly believes that “Qigong is such a powerful tool for healing, the whole world needs to know about it and benefit from it.

How SFQ is different from other qigong?

SFQ is designed for people in modern times. You don’t need to do the whole series of movements. You can just pick one movement and do it, it will still benefit the body tremendously. Many SFQ students have reported incredible results after consistent practice of 5-10 minutes per day.

SFQ can be split into two parts: meditation and movements. Combined together, these parts will help the body to balance even faster. Meditation is Yin energy; movement is Yang energy, and our body, mind and spirit needs both Yin and Yang in good balance.

SFQ helps the body, mind, and spirit energetically. It offers very gentle movements, visualization, breathing technique and sound, such as chanting.

Health benefits of SFQ

SFQ improves mental, physical and spiritual health / sharpens mental focus / increases one’s energy / helps the person perform at his or her best / teaches the energetic relationship between physical and mental body / teaches how to be a compassionate care-giver and how it actually supports himself/herself. This can also be used as stress reduction, self-healing / recovery support and mental focus /self-awareness / mindfulness.

SFQ Philosophy

“Unconditional Love, Kindness, and Forgiveness with Compassion”

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If you are interested in trying Spring Forest Qigong, please contact me. Also check “News&Events“.

SFQ class description simplified—

I offer Spring Forest Qigong in different formats.

  1. Formal classes you can attend for your enrichment or as part of Spring Forest Qigong Certified professional path.  Scroll down to see detailed information.  Please note: you will be provided certificate of completion upon completing each one, but this is NOT a certification for you to offer SFQ Services or teach. 
  2. SFQ intro classes such as SFQ Practice Group, Tai Qi class (combination of Tai Chi and Qigong). I also offer The Healing Circle —- a group healing session with SFQ moving meditation/sitting meditation and includes individual healing at the end.
    please contact me. Also check “News&Events“.

“Spring Forest Qigong® Level 1 for Health”

In this one-day training, you will learn the essence of Spring Forest Qigong:  How to balance your Qi(energy) physically, emotionally and spiritually / how to help others to activate their own healing / simple but powerful movements and sitting meditation.

  1. Basics of Qigong-how energy works
  2. The movements/meditation for optimal health and healing

This link will take you to Spring Forest Qigong page which shows available classes with Misa.

“Spring Forest Qigong® Level 2 for Healing”

In this one-and-half-day class, you will learn more advanced techniques and knowledge: Cultivate your Qi(energy) and spirituality / Detect energy blockages / Color Healing. Help others to heal. 

  1. Build and strengthen your own energy
  2. Use qigong to heal yourself and help others heal
  3. Advanced ancient Qigong movements to cultivate healing energy
  4. Detect energy blockages to allow you to work on the root cause

Pre-requisite: Successfully completed in-person Level 1 training with a Certified Trainer or Instructor. Home-course does not apply. 

This link will take you to Spring Forest Qigong page which shows available classes with Misa.

“Spring Forest Qigong® Level 3 for Advanced Energy development and Healing”

In this two-full-day training, you will learn to awaken or strengthen your spiritual energy to a higher level of consciousness. It will help you to experience a stronger connection with the vibration of unconditional love in the universe. This leads to live a more heart-centered and loving life along with being able to help yourself and others heal more quickly and heal more critical health challenges.

  1. Spirituality and healing
  2. Third Eye Training
  3. Long distance detecting and healing
  4. Color healing and more.

Pre-requisite: Successfully completed in-person Level 2 training with a Certified Instructor. Home-course does not apply. 

Note: this video appears to be upside down here. It plays just fine.

This link will take you to Spring Forest Qigong page which shows available classes with Misa.

Free spring forest qigong events


February 5 @ 9:00 AM US Central Time | Certified Qigong Instructor Misa Tsuyoshi | Finding a Gem within: Cherish & Polish it

Learn how to access what Master Lin calls, “The Universal Library” as Qigong Instructor Misa Tsuyoshi shares with her personal experience on strengthening our connection to our “inner gem” on Saturday, February 5th at 9:00 AM US Central Time


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