Private Qigong Healing Session

IMG_6656[1]Private Qigong Healing Session with Misa

(Currently Distance Healing only)

Do you have chronic conditions you would like to TRANSFORM?

Spring Forest Qigong®–SFQ– can help facilitate healing from the deepest level.                 

Misa- a Certified Spring Forest Qigong® Healer- will help facilitate healing.             

You will also receive Qigong coaching so that

you will be part of your own healing.

A SFQ session does not need

long appointments to be effective.

It allows you to have more time to enjoy your life. 

This unique Qigong healing works regardless of physical distance.

This is how things work in the Universe work. 

Master Chunyi Lin, the founder of Spring Forest Qigong® created

the distance healing to be equally effective to in-person healing.

He mentioned distance healing can be more powerful. 

Distance Healing offers more people to enjoy receiving sessions at home—–         

safe and relaxed. 

She will:

  1. Detect and remove energy blockages without touching.
  2. Work on the root cause of the symptom as well as energy blockages which might not have taken physical forms (symptoms).
  3. Give you recommendations on what you can do in your daily life. Her goal is to help you to be your own healing facilitator.
  4. Help you to heal not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually.

Qigong coaching will be included in each session for an established client.

Pre-payment required to secure your appointment.

PayPal payments ONLY. 

What you can get in each session:

Initial session-Up to 60 minutes (consultation, healing, recommendations). 

Up to 30 min. healing only session for an established client.

Up to 45 min. healing/coaching session for an established client.

Up to 60 min. healing/coaching session for an established client. 

If a session goes longer than above, additional charges apply. 

Questions and making an appointment: Please contact or email


Your appointment will be secured after the payment is received.

To make each session productive and effective, a new client will be asked to fill the forms and return to Misa at least three days prior to the scheduled session. This means both sides do the preparation ahead of time. Appointment will be rescheduled it the forms are not returned in timely manner.

It is the recipient’s responsibility to have adequate internet environment and devices. You can choose from Face Time(for iphone users), Skype(you will need your own account) or Zoom(you will need to register for free). 

Cancellation & Refund Policy: 

  1. In person session—In an increment weather or other conditions, Misa might reschedule the appointment for the sake of safety. 
  2. Distance Healing session—It is your responsibility to have adequate internet environment and devices. No refunds for interrupted session or any portion of the session. If the disruption is on Misa’s side, the session will be rescheduled.
  3. If Misa must cancel a session, she will issue a full refund, or reschedule the appointment if the client wishes. 
  4. If the client needs to cancel, she/he needs to communicate with Misa 48 hours before the appointment. In this case Misa will give the paid amount minus PayPal fee both ways. 
  5. If the client cancels within 24 hours before the appointment, she/he will receive 50 % of the amount paid as a credit towards the next session. Misa cannot issue a refund / full credit since there already is a commitment on Misa’s side. 
  6. No show = NO REFUND/ NO CREDIT. Misa has the right not to schedule another appointment. 
  7. If the client gets behind the appointment time, Misa might wait for 10 minutes. The session will be finished at the scheduled time therefore making the session shorter. If the client is late more than 15 minutes, it will be regarded as a “NO SHOW”, and the above policy 6. will be applied.


Please note:

Spring Forest Qigong does not replace any medical service / procedure /medication /therapy / doctor’s appointment. It is a wonderful complementary method to support what you are already doing. It is your choice to receive Misa’s Qigong healing for your optimal health and healing.  

More about Misa as a Certified Healer:

She did more than 250 free healing (in-person and distance) sessions to be tested as a Spring Forest Qigong® Certified Healer candidate with positive results. Then she successfully finished the pre-training course including the in-person Qi-ssage® class, attended the Healer certification intensive training at Spring Forest Qigong Head Quarter in Minnesota, and certified by Spring Forest Qigong and the Energy Healing International, a private school approved by the state of Minnesota.

She is also a Certified SFQ Instructor / Trainer and was awarded “Trainer of the year 2018” and “Teacher of the year 2019”.

She continues to learn and study the teachings of Grand Master Chunyi Lin, the founder of Spring Forest Qigong®. She visits Minnesota frequently to receive more advanced training and to keep her knowledge and skills updated. She offers various Qigong classes, Practice Group and Healing Circle and speaks at wellness events.