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currently my offerings are limited and all virtual/online.

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I would be happy to create classes for your private group as well as a wellness program at your company, or as part of your retreat program. sessions will be delivered via Zoom for safety and convenience.

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You can see the past offerings by clicking here. This will give you the idea of what I have been and will plan to offer. 

Some classes listed below may not be offered at this moment. If you are interested in a specific class please use the contact form or

I have been teaching classes through the employee wellness programs at Medical College of WI— Employee wellness program / Students wellness support program / retreat program for the interns /retreat program for the program directors.

If you would like to offer wellness programs within your organization, please contact.     

virtual group sessions

Purification and Strength

All the programs are new, sprouted from my experiences as a caregiver for my husband, who survived a grave health incident in Jan. 2020.

It is my hope that combining my areas of expertise as a certified AFAA Personal Trainer, certified Tai Chi Fundamentals Original Program Instructor, certified Spring Forest Qigong Instructor/ Healer, and a meditation facilitator, will bring meaningful experiences for anyone at any wellness level.

Classes are offered virtually, using Zoom platform (or FB live for one specific class).

It is each participant’s responsibility to have adequate internet access and to be able to utilize the Zoom-virtual meeting platform or FB live.


Classes/sessions provided by Misa/Simple Wellness Facilitator are not intended to replace any medical treatments/therapies or any recommendations from your specialists. It is each participant’s responsibility to consult medical specialist/therapist if any class activities are suitable.

Registration/pre-payment (PayPal) required. No prorated class fees. No refunds for no-shows/missed or missing class(es). Please click here for a refund/cancellation policy.

Liability Waiver: Please click here and read before signing up for any class/session.
Refund & Cancellation information: Please click HERE. 

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Back to wellness- Recovery Booster (30 min.) 

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Are you feeling a bit off balance, or are you recovering from surgery/injury/illness? Misa will guide you through gentle movements (which can be done sitting or standing with support) which help you to:

Improve balance & functional strength/ strengthen vitality while uplifting your state of mind. 3 or more people will be needed to run the class.

This class is not a replacement for therapies/doctor’s recommendations. It is each participant’s responsibility to check with specialists if this class is suitable for you.

30 min. 6 weeks on Tuesdays 9:30-10:00 am (Central Standard Time) Online via Zoom Cost: $45

Private session available: please contact.

Functional Strength –Stay active and safe (60 min.)

Most injuries happen when we are moving. This is a class for someone who wants to stay active and safe. Misa will teach: Gentle ways to strengthen the most important areas which support your body:

Core and legs / simple movements to improve balance / how to align your body while moving.  3 or more people needed to run the class.                                       

60 min. 6 weeks on Tuesdays 10:15-11:15 am (Central Standard Time) Online via Zoom Cost: $60

Private session available: please contact.

Break/recharge Time for caregivers—Quick Stress Reduction (30 min.)

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Every caregiver needs a “Break” so that she/he can stay well and continue the path of helping others. Caregivers often go through their own fear/frustration/anger/hopelessness/anxiety while dealing with the loved one’s challenges. Misa, being one herself, will share things helped to keep going as a “good enough caregiver”.

Join and take some time for yourself:

Meditation, visualization practices and breathing exercises which can bring peacefulness, calmness, grounded-ness, kindness, hope, love, forgiveness, happiness, and joy.

This class will be offered via Face Book Live. FB Live may not be as interactive as Zoom session but I would like to offer more flexibility, knowing demanding chores caregivers hold. Monthly membership offers unlimited access to the members-only Face Book page throughout the paid month. If you miss a live session, enjoy the recorded session.  3 or more paid members needed to run a monthly session.

30 min. Every Tuesday 8:30-9:00 pm (Central Standard Time) Monthly membership cost: $30

Private session available: please contact.

healing circle–healing meditation, movements and distance healing(60min.)

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Experience the power of SFQ Distance Healing magnified by the group. Misa will lead the movements and a guide meditation which will be created for the group. Healing chanting might be offered. 
The most unique nature of this session is a distance healing Misa will perform on each participant. Misa will detect and balance energy to facilitate healing while you are meditating,  3 or more people needed to run each session.                                       

60 min. Every other Thursdays 10:15-11:15 am (Central Standard Time) Online via Zoom Cost: $30 per session

virtual private sessions

by appointment

Private Personal Training (45 min. )—you will receive multi dimentional personal training created by a Certified TAi Chi/Qigong/personal trainer with Japanese marcial art background

sessions will be created just for you. Examples are (but not limited to):

Balance improvement

Functional Strength

Core exercises

Breathing exercises for physical and mental wellness

meditation for healing, stress reduction, becoming the best version of you

Tai Qi & Qigong combo for mindfullness and longevity

For appointments, rates and questions, please CONTACT 

Meditation for wellness/stress reduction and healing (30 min.)—

Bring awareness to the power of your mind. You will be guided through a story-like meditation with visualization and positive/healing messages. Each meditation will be intuitively created just for you or the group.

for appointments, rates and questions, please CONTACT

Qigong / Tai Chi Coaching (30-60 min)

not sure where to start? Misa will create the best Qigong / Tai Chi practice routine which will facilitate your wellness and healing. For appointments, rates and questions, please CONTACT 


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Formal Spring Forest Qigong® seminars

Registration required. For more information please email :  
  • Spring Forest Qigong® Level 1 for Health—This is a formal Spring Forest Qigong Level 1–all-day seminar. You will learn the foundation of Qigong for your health and to help you facilitate your own healing. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of completion from Spring Forest Qigong/Energy Healing International in MN.
  • Spring Forest Qigong® Level 2 for Healing— After completing Level 1, this is the second step to go deeper into Qigong learning. In this two days (one full day and half day ) seminar, you will learn to help healing others and to heal specific conditions. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of completion from Spring Forest Qigong/Energy Healing International in MN.  
  • Spring Forest Qigong® Level 3 for Advanced Healing & Energy Development— After completing Level 2, this is the third step to further train yourself.  In this full-two-days training, you will learn to train opening your third eye to read others’ auras, to control and spread energy, and to utilize energy from your master. In Level 3 you will learn to open more serious physical and mental energy blockages. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of completion from Spring Forest Qigong/Energy Healing International in MN.  It is recommended for everyone to take a couple of months of practice after finishing Level 1 AND 2. 

Level 1-3 class schedule

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taught by misa: SFQ award winning certified instructor/trainer