Tai Chi Fundamentals®

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“Water takes the form of any vessel:

Yeilding, flowing, resisting nothing.

Yet it moves with tremendous power at a waterfall,

or as ocean waves in a storm.

Water resists nothing. It goes with the flow.

When we detach from our need to control outcoomes

according to our fixed plans,

we become more fluid, receptive and clear.

We have an unlimited range of responses to what is occuring.”

Tricia Yu, the founder of Tai Chi Fundamentals®

What is Tai Chi Fundamentals® (TCF)

TCF provides a simplified approach for mastering Tai Chi basics and can serve as a complete exercise for anyone.

TCF was developed by Master Tricia Yu as a simplified version of traditional Yang Style Tai Chi with emphasis on balance, coordination, strength and endurance. It incorporates progressively challenging movements and includes the Movement Patterns as well as The Fundamentals Form. It is accessible to most people with any fitness levels.

Health effects of Tcf

Tai Chi not only prevents falling but benefits both body and mind. It contributes to both emotional and physical wellness and reinforces daily activities.

  1. Fall prevention— Improves standing balance control under reduced or conflicting sensory conditions / Reduced risk of falling and fear of falling / Maintained strength and balance.
  2. Reinforces daily activities—Reinforces simple activities such as getting up from a chair, pushing and pulling, lifting, sweeping, raking, vacuuming, bowling, and playing tennis.
  3. Weight bearing / Strengthening exercise—Improves flexibility and strength of older adults / May help slow down bone loss in post-menopausal women.
  4. Emotional health—Reduced tension, depression, anger, confusion and mood disturbance.
  5. Decreased pain, stiffness and fewer perceived difficulties in physical functioning—Increased abdominal muscle strength and balance in older women with osteoarthritis.
  6. Cardiovascular—Safe exercise for individuals at high risk for cardiovascular disease / Lowers blood pressure.
  7. Respiratory—Enhanced ventilator capacity without cardiovascular stress / Efficient breathing patterns.
  8. Immune Response—Increase of T-cell during and after Tai Chi practice

More Information about this program  www.taichihealth.com

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com