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Certified and award winning Spring Forest Qigong® Instructor / Trainer
Certified Spring Forest Qigong® Healer
Certified Original Tai Chi Fundamentals® program instructor
Certified AFAA Personal Trainer
Meditation facilitator

I enjoy taking care of my garden/ yard, cooking, knitting, and reading. 

Feng Shui, Dowsing, Face reading and Accupressure are other interests. 

Born, educated and worked as an editor/public relation rep. in Japan.

Background in Japanese Traditional Martial Arts

(Kyubadou – Horseback archery / Kyudou –  archery),

Retired LesMills fitness progream instructor. 

Welcome to my website.
My name is Misa.

My intention, approach and goal

I have been teaching different things, and I used to call myself “an instructor”.

When I started learning and sharing the programs

which awakened me to focus on Qi (energy) within and around me,

I noticed that each person already has something

that is waiting to emerge or to be noticed.

Now I call myself  a “facilitator”.

I realized that my job is to make it easy for each person

to find and strengthen his or her uniqueness.

I work from my heart to help my client balance energy physically, mentally and emotionally.

When both physical and mental energy are balanced,

self-healing, recovering and improvement take place faster.

Everyone will experience one’s optimal health and happiness.

Would it be difficult to make it happen?

Do we need to do something very complicated or takes decades to learn?


Simplest things are the most powerful, I have learned.

I am focused on offering simple methods.

Simple enough so that anyone can practice, enjoy and benefit.

My approach is unique.

I invite and educate my clients to be part of the process.

For example: My Qigong Healing session includes Qigong Coaching. 

My Tai Chi classes will be focused on the basics

so that participants can truly take what they learn into their bodies

and can practice on their own.

My goal is to help my clients to be their own wellness facilitator
without depending on me. 

My passion

My passion is to offer a time and space for people to
breathe, smile and move, learn something they can do themselves,
and gain functional strength and peaceful mind.

This helps people to promote their optimal health and wellness.

Sharing in my community is also I am passionate about. 

I have been so fortunate to have the opportunity to teach

Tai Chi Fundamentals and Spring Forest Qigong as a Stress Reduction class

through an employee wellness program at Medical College of WI.

I am honored to be invited to offer Qigong Stress Reduction classes

for the interns at Medical College of WI.

I also offer classes, hold SFQ practice group and facilitate meditation sessions

as a community outreach in WI.

Please join me and take a path which will lead to the best version of you.

With love and gratitude,


If you are interested in knowing more about the programs above, please check Offerings page.

Community sharing photos and videos are here. “What I love to do–Sharing”.

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Certifications and Awards

Spring Forest Qigong Certifications
  • Certified Spring Forest Qigong Instructor–the highest teaching certificate issued by Spring Forest Qigong and The Energy Healing International. 
  • Certified Spring Forest Qigong Level 1 Trainer
  • Certified Spring Forest Qigong Healer
  • Certified Spring Forest Qigong Practice Group Leader
  • She has been learning with internationally recognized Qigong Grand Master Chunyi Lin (the founder of Spring Forest Qigong).
  • Additional training and workshops (other than training/retreats required for teacher certification) with Grand Master Chunyi Lin in person: Cancer Healing Workshop/ Five Elements Healing Workshop

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With Spring Forest Qigong founder and my amazing master- Grand Master Chunyi Lin

Tai Chi Fundamentals® Certifications
  • Certified Original Tai Chi Fundamentals® program instructor
  • Certified Tai Chi Fundamentals® Adapted Program Basic Moves and Short Form Instructor
  • She has been learning Tai Chi Fundamentals® with Patricia Corrigan Culotti and Tricia Yu, the founder of the program.

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Honored and fortunate to have my masters–the founder of Tai Chi Fundamentals® Grand Master Tricia Yu (left). Grand Master Patricia Corrigan Culotti(right)

Other Certifications, speciality and memberships
  • Certified AFAA Personal Trainer
  • Meditation Facilitator
  • Member of  Health & Wellness Network of Commerce Southeast Wisconsin Chapter (HWNCC-SEWI)
  • Member of  Energy Medicine Professional Association
  • “Certified Trainer Of The Year 2018” awarded by Spring Forest Qigong International and the Energy Healing International 
  • “Teacher of the Year” awarded by Spring Forest Qigong International and the Energy Healing International in 2019

Master Of Qi Award Ceremony 2019Above picture from the left: Practice Group Leader of the year, the found of Spring Forest Qigong and the Grand Master Chunyi Lin, , Energy Healing National administrator Pat S, Spring Forest Qigong CEO Debra Lin, myself receiving “Teacher of the Year” and another lovely Practice Group Leader of the year.